Why are Condoms Great?

A woman holding a condom. She is wearing a black sexy bra and lace gloves.

Condoms are great because sex is amazing. However, sex can bring on complications. STIs, pregnancy, loss of friendship are all unintended consequences of sex. Condoms can help with all of these untended consequences. Well, all except loss of friendship. Condoms can’t help you there.

Did you know out of every 7 people who have HIV 1 of them doesn’t know they are infected. Even if you talk to the person and ask if they don’t have and sexually transmitted disease they may not know. You should defiantly talk about your sexual activity with your partner and your status with any infections. Condoms help by reducing or eliminating risks for these infections.

If you and your partner know each others infection status and are ready to have a baby congrats! You may not need a condom. For the rest of us we need to wrap that sausage. Babies cost a lot. They are expensive with both money and time. If you don’t have a kid think of all the things you can do now: go on a vacation, buy that motorcycle, party late at night. Do you know what you can do if you have kids? Watch their favorite TV show while you fall asleep on the couch. If you have kids then they are a blessing a pure joy that has entered you life.

Sex is great! Have it with consenting adults. Just make sure that pickle is in plastic before you dip it. It will save you from STIs and unwanted kids.