How old do you have to be to buy condoms?

Photo of a passport. A passport is a good personal Identification

Buying condoms can be awkward the last thing you want is to be in the process of purchasing condoms and you are asked for your photo identification. We also have tips for buying condoms in a store. Is there a minimum age to buy condoms? If so what is it?

Good news! For the UK, USA, and Australia there is no minimum age to buy condoms. In fact in some places it is even against the law to ask for ID when buying condoms. 

For the UK, USA, and Australia there is no minimum age to buy condoms.

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Wasn’t that easy? Now here are some tips and advice for buying condoms in a store.

  1. Know if you or your partner has a latex allergy
  2. Find the aisle. Normally in the pharmacy area. The aisle always has creative names like: family planning, intimate moments, or contraceptives (ok, that’s a normal one). Often found near the diapers. Makes you think, right?
  3. Check if you need a store assistant. Some stores put them in cases because people steal condoms. The photo below shows that not all cases need the attention of a sales associate.
  4. If you do need the sales associate, then be brave and decisive. Already know what you want before asking for help. Tell them what you want. You don’t need to explain what you are planning on doing. You don’t need to crack a joke. Just wait.
  5. Do self check out. No judgement from a computer.
Condom case at a store.
Photo by reddit user Bootray181

Did this article help? Do you have any questions? What are some tips or advice you have?