Funny Crappy Off Brands for Condom and Sexy Items

Reddit is the water cooler of the internet. Crappy Off Brands is a community that enjoys laughing at ridiculous products that are weirdly close to a major brand. You might find a handbag by Apple or a shoe with a misspelling of Nike. Here are the products from Crappy Off Brands that have to do with condoms or we thought were interesting.

Photo submitted by b3nn13_l. This is apparently a character from sonic the hedgehog universe. The sexy bunny is on a vibrator and was found in a condom dispenser in a bathroom. It all makes sense right? Welcome to crappy off brands.

Thank you user jackandsuki for this photo. It looks like a condom, but you wouldn’t want to apply this on genitals. It’s a package of hot spices. I don’t know why someone would want to make a package of spicy powder to look like a condom. Maybe its next to a condom factory? Who knows.

This photo of a condom was submitted by ToBePacific. Adidas is a mega brand that is often copied and appears on crappy off brands. Unfortunately, this misspelling has aid, most people don’t want to associate AIDS with their condoms. So, the name might not have been thought out well.

This photo was taken by AnnonymousGam3r. It is an antibiotic soap with similarities to a condom brand. You wonder if people buy it for the name or if no one cares and they just need soap.

Submitted by SaskoSalmon. We all love sex, so the slogan at the top makes sense. However, the main question is are these condoms? Or are they jeans? Or condoms for jeans? Why do they say jeans? We were laughing for a good minute about this photo before posting this.

Photo by BigtiddyGothGrrl. If you can translate this please leave a comment below. Or leave a comment on what you think it says. According to reddit it is a sex toy. Who wouldn’t want a pokemon knock off sex toy?

Thank you to Stalinov for the photo. This is amazing. There are a lot of North Face knock offs. This is the best I have seen. Go Sex! Then the type on the jacket with a bunny humping. Can you imagine walking around wearing this jacket?

Photo by Christus92. People pointed out that it is a Spanish Sex Education book with characters that look similar to the cartoon Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty. Ready to learn about your body in a Highconcept scifi rigamarole?

Photo by wasqa2. This made us laugh, so we included it. You can bet something was lost in Google translation. Although I’d probably buy some super lusty batteries for my Buzz Bunny toy.

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